Do you value excellent electronics design? Are you looking for an electronics design service partner who designs the electronics you wish for?

You benefit the most from our electronics design expertise when we closely collaborate with you on complex products. We design the electronics and board support package, and you write the application software and take care of the mechanics.

How does our electronics design service work?

Before we start, we make it our priority to fully understand your applications and how they translate to requirements for the electronics design. In addition to zooming in on the hardware level, we look at the interfacing software and mechanical requirements.

While we specify, design, realize and test your electronics design, we keep in close touch with software and mechanical engineers. This way, we immediately iterate towards the desired product. One that is easy to manufacture and assemble at that.

Maybe you already have partners in mind for software and mechanics? We are used to closely collaborate with more than one partner on complex high speed designs. Each partner brings their own expertise to the table.

Last but not least, we make use of our all-round design and analysis expertise to create a design that is under control.

Are you ready to take the next step towards getting in control of your electronics design? Get in touch!

“dReDBox brings to life a new datacenter concept of disaggregate processors, high-speed memory and fiber I/O. Twenty boards are connected via high-speed interconnects,” says Tom Berends, dRedBox project manager at Sintecs. “Our engineers worked together to design the hardware and PCB layout, iterating, analyzing, and optimizing in over fifty cycles.

It paid off: when the boards came back from the PCB manufacturer, we had the Linux kernel up and running within a week regardless of the complexity of the design.”